The Band


Manley Feinberg
Guitars, Enhanced Guitars, Vocals:
Being surrounded by music as a child, and after experiencing live concerts and getting his first guitar in the mid 70′s, Manley’s lifetime dedication to music was inevitable. He started SoulCoustic early this century by inviting like-minded musicians and friends over to explore the mystical, musical cosmos. He created a magical wonderland in his studio designed to make any musician lose all inhibitions and play like they’ve never played before. His lifetime of playing and recording music, along with his world adventure experiences have helped bring the heavily improvised concept of SoulCoustic to life. Fueled by his infectious positive energy and musical skills, he continues to push the band beyond any preconceived boundaries of what is possible.


Tony Zerbolio
Belá Fleck and the Flecktones were playing at the Pageant one fine winter’s eve and Tony had tickets. While there he bumped into coworker and now close friend, Manley. At that point it was only a matter of time before we started jamming together. The rest, as they say, is history. Tony brings a lifetime of musical experience from pop, world, jazz, folk, rock, metal and even classical, and has played nearly every single venue, small and massive stadiums included, in the St. Louis area. His compositional and music performance skills are only outmatched by his incredible energy and creativity that he brings to every minute of his life.


James Ibur
Guitars, Percussion, Bouzouki, Vocals:
Master musician, professional artist and full time professor – Jim brings a lifetime of music experience and diverse background on multiple instruments to SoulCoustic. His writing and deep aesthetic for all things acoustic has been experienced for over two decades in the St. Louis music scene with such bands as “Five of These” and “Bella Wolf”. Jim’s contribution to SoulCoustic is as diverse as it is powerful and unforgettable.


Sean Anglin
Drums, Percussion:
Sean’s 20+ years of percussion experience has established him as one of the most desired drummers in the St. Louis area. He has played with too many bands to list in the Midwest, many of national fame, and currently also plays drums with the infamous “Vitamen A”. Sean’s keen instincts, refined skills, broad musical palette and amazing sense of groove combine to take the band’s performances to amazing new levels.


JJ Skiver
Vocals, Percussion:
JJ’s vocal skills, musical versatility and charisma are key elements which allow SoulCoustic to reach out and connect with it’s crowd. Being an improvisation-based band, SoulCoustic requires all players to be light on their feet and spontaneous in order to create great music on the fly. JJ easily meets those challenges through his ability to create incredible melodies while simultaneously accessing lyrical content and rhytmic vocalizations in the moment. His sense of humor and infectious style will have you hooked when you hear him.

SoulCoustic Alumni

SoulCoustic for Life! Many fine musicians have been a part of the SoulCoustic experience and even though they’ve moved on to other parts of the world, are always considered part of the band. They are all valuded, missed and always welcome!


Cary Brown
Guitars, Vocals, Spoken-word:
Cary has played with world-class reggae bands all over the country including an unforgettable performance at the grand opening of The Pageant with “Steel Pulse”, national touring musicals and more. He and Manley met when they lived near each other in U-City and found they had many common bonds, music being one of the biggest. Many reggae fans of the Midwest have never forgotten his sonic imprint as a guitarist and vocalist in the bands “Reggae at Will” and “Yardsquad”. His authentic soulful and bluesy voice, along with his incredible sense of groove and the raw energy of Jimi Hendrix in his guitar playing are unforgettable.


Rob Garland
Guitars, Vocals:
Once you hear Rob play, you’ll understand why he’s been a successful full time professional musician for all of his life, with recording and live performance experiences stretching around the globe. Heralded by Guitar One magazine as a player to watch, he continues to push his abilities well into the virtuosic level. Rob’s St. Louis band “Rob Garland and the Blue Monks” quickly earned a reputation as one of the best blues acts to hit St. Louis, and his following as one St. Louis’s finest musicians continues today. Please see his MySpace page for his complete bio, samples of his original music, and updates on his musical career and gig schedule:


Matt Lambert
Keys, Vocals:
When Dr. Matt is not busy applying his medical acumen to improve people’s health, he busy using his musical expertise to blow people’s minds. Growing up in the culturally rich State of Louisiana, Dr. Matt’s style is infused with the diverse and intoxicating musical flavors of the region. He’s contributed his vocal talent and deft keyboard abilities to many bands nationwide throughout the years and finally found his way to Manley’s basement where his contribution quickly became integral to SoulCoustic’s distinctive sound.