Ready to ‘Git ya sum’ SoulCoustic?

SoulCoustic is a band comprised of close friends who share a common interest in exploring music from many different and interesting angles. As many musicians know, the freshness and energy of a ‘first take’ is almost always magical. In an effort to capture that magical energy SoulCoustic has resisted playing the same thing twice in order to force that ‘first time’ vibe every time they play.
SoulCoustic sets are made up of music designed to be reinvented in the moment. Whether it’s a familiar cover tune or a spontaneous jam the approach is always the same; follow the music wherever the music wants to go. It may lead to a funky groove filled with polyester bell-bottoms and silk shirts unbottoned to the navel, an island-inspired smokey dub beneath the coconut palms, or a languid space jam that makes you whirl like a dervish only to leave you happily lost and smiling on some far flung planet. The only way to know for sure where we’ll go next is to be there with us when the jouney begins!

Thanks, Llywelyn’s Pub in Soulard!

And thanks to everyone who came out! We had a blast!


Friday, May 13, 2011 SoulCoustic will take a stand in Soulard holding the high ground at Llywelyn’s Pub until local law enforcement renders them asunder or until Manley gets tired and cranky, which ever comes first.

Join SoulCoustic as they explore the many musical opportunities found in some of your all-time favorite songs as well as invent brand new music in the moment right before your ears – and eyes – and other body parts.